Say Yes [Horror]

Phil was sitting opposite his girlfriend’s mother and father, a plate of freshly cooked pasta between his hands, when he said, in polite tones, “I want to kill you both.”

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Something Rotten [Horror]

It smelt like something dying. Julie had smelt Darren’s vomit and faeces every day for a year, so she was used to bad smells, but this was something different, something rotten. She held her Darren closer. Around the circle, the other Mothers had noticed it too. Some refused to make a scene and sat with […]

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Knock Knock [Horror]

Tanya was crying on the night of her death. She was crying because of Michael, the one-true-love, the only-one-she-needs. The ex. “I don’t think we should see each other anymore, Michael. It’s unhealthy.” Her parents were already sick of it. They had gone out to celebrate their anniversary, but Tanya knew she was the real […]

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Sheep/ Goats [short story]

“So, we’re agreed. God is dead.” The elderly woman said, looking intently at each person in the circle. “Well, that proves it. Beyond a doubt.” The fat man in the blue hat and the blue vest and the blue trousers said. “Agreed.” Seconded the boyish, smartly-dressed student to his right. “What do you think, dear?” […]

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Sleepy Head [Horror]

Kitty did not sleep well the night of the murder. The tree outside the window kept tapping on the glass and she could hear rats skittering through the attic. But worse of all was the snoring. Nobody tells you that girls snore, and Kitty had not noticed it the first two nights in the orphanage, […]

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